[1983 R100S]
1983 BMW R100 RT/S
Purchased: April, 2001
Sold: June, 2003
Miles ridden: ~4050

The R100 was purchased as my response to the rather clinical character of the K75. It was for sale on Ebay, but no one bid on the auction. I bought it from the seller (in LA) for the listing price after having an Airheads list member take a look at it, and a BMW dealership in LA go over it. From the moment I uncrated it until I sold it, the thing had persistent problems ranging from a toasted clutch to burnt valves to unsolveable electrical issues. It lived a hard life, and was sold to someone who wanted to rebuild it from scratch. I'll never buy a bike sight unseen again. For all that, I did like riding it an awful lot, when it was running.

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