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As a service to ham radio and hams interested in any of these radios for purchase, sale, or history, I've got some reviews/descriptions and pictures up. These are radios that I've either owned in the past, or own now. Enjoy. A note: I don't know anything about modifications for these radios, so please don't ask. The best advice I can offer is to utilize your favorite search engine.

I now have pictures of my APRS setup available.

...Along with some goals for my station.

Now featuring pictures from the antenna party - April 27, 2003

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I recently ran a test of several 2m handheld antennas.

[Honda Civic-mounted APRS setup with TH-D7 and GPS 12XL]

APRS setup

Pictures and a bit of info about my car-mounted APRS setup

[Hallicrafters SX-110 receiver]

Hallicrafters SX-110 receiver

A review and description of the Hallicrafters SX-110 general coverage HF receiver.

[Hallicrafters S-38C]

Hallicrafters S-38C receiver

A review and description of the Hallicrafters S-38C general coverage HF receiver.

[Front panel of IC-260 -
link to info page]

Icom IC-260

Information page about the IC-260 2m multi-mode mobile radio. (Now including the schematic and parts layout.)

[Front panel of FT-690R -
link to info page]

Yaesu FT-690R

Information page about the FT-690R Mk I 6m multi-mode portable radio.

[Front panel of IC-735 -
link to info page]

Icom IC-735

Information page about the IC-735 HF radio.

[Front panel of FT-221R - link to info page

Yaesu FT-221

Information about the Yaesu FT-221 2m multimode radio.


Icom IC-2100

Icom IC-2100H review

And, for some random information, here's a plot of signal attenuation in Belden 9913 cable. Using data supplied by Belden.

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