The Definitive Glossary of Elevator Action terms

Several years ago (1997, to be exact) my college roommates and I were actively playing the game Elevator Action on our original NES machine. During that time, we came up with a few names for actions, events, or people in the game. We thought, in an effort to increase the knowledge of other people on the Net, that we should share this list with others. Thus, we present The Glossary. (Note, however, that the more specific of these terms are unique to the NES game -- the Game Boy game is significantly different in a number of areas.)

NEW! Also, a recent addition. I just (9/99) got a Game Boy Color, and of course one of the first games I got was Elevator Action. For those of you who are interested, or have lost yours, I present the Elevator Action Game Boy Instruction Manual. A series of scanned images, so you get the best of Taito's great creation. If you have a problem with this information being freely available (Taito, I'm talkin' to you), please let me know and I'll take it down. As far as I know, Taito is no longer making any money from this game.

[Elevator Action Intro Screen]

[Elevator Action 'grappling hook'

Note that the modifiers "Double" and "Triple" (etc.) may be added to these descriptions as necessary.

Game Boy variants and terms

With the advent of the Game Boy game, I've come up with a few new terms to describe some quirks of that game.

We have found that great constructions can take place, such as, "Wow, that was a Double Inverse Mexican Otis!" to explain that two enemy agents were simultaneously crushed on top of an elevator while it was not under the player's control.

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