Elevator Action for Game Boy manual

I just acquired a copy of Elevator Action for my Game Boy Color, and (amazingly enough) it came with a manual. I've found that used games such as this rarely come with manuals, so I thought I'd make this one available to the Net populace.

If you think I shouldn't have this information available, please let me know and I'll take it down. I don't want to steal any money from Taito (who I believe is no longer making money from this game) or anything, I just want to help out my fellow Elevator Action fans.

Thus, we have the manual:

Page 1 (50k jpg)
Pages 2-3 (74k jpg)
Pages 4-5 (93k jpg)
Pages 6-7 (67k jpg)
Pages 8-9 (83k jpg)
Detail of page 8 (138k jpg)
Pages 10-11 (86k jpg)
Pages 12-13 (78k jpg)
Pages 14-15 (100k jpg)
Page 16 (30k jpg)

Or, if you want to download the lot of them and print them out for your game, you can download the zipfile containing all these images. (786k pkzip file)

Designed and implemented by Ian Johnston.