Obairlann the BBS

Posted September 26, 2003
Updated October 21, 2003

Cut the chatter, I want to access the board now!

In a fit of nostalgia, I've installed the latest version of Citadel/UX on obairlann.net.

What does this mean to you, the random web browsing individual? It means a chance to interact with the fine folks of obairlann.net (namely, myself), and anyone else who's interested. It also means that if you fondly remember calling Citadel BBSes a decade or two ago, you can relive those memories today.

I've created several floors that match up with areas of interest presented on this website, namely Computers, Motorcycles, Aviation, General Recreation and Ham Radio. Being a Citadel, users are welcome to create rooms as they desire them.

A note on policy

I initially decided to put up this board so that I could have a place to discuss things with people who read my website, but also for anyone who wants to join in. I welcome everyone to log in, read through the rooms, and post messages.

I do, however, reserve the right to limit access to people who disrupt the board. Disruptions might include hate speech, or not playing by the rules. The rules are pretty easy, too: don't be a jerk, and we'll get along fine.

How to do it

You can use the web client to log in to the BBS. This is the easiest and quickest way to get involved in the board, and requires only a frames-capable browser (if you have a web browser that works with modern websites, you'll be fine).

Click here to log in with the web client now

The "traditional" way to access a Citadel is via modem. Since I can't afford the phone lines, and most people already have Internet access, the "neo-traditional" way to do it is with telnet:

System type How to connect
Unix type "telnet obairlann.net" at a command prompt
Windows type "telnet obairlann.net" into the Run... box from the Start menu
Mac OS X type "telnet obairlann.net" from the Terminal prompt

If your browser's set up right, you can click here to log in via telnet.

To register as a new user, just type in the name you'd like to use, and you will be prompted to register. It's as simple as that!

If you've never used a Citadel before (or if it's been a long time), say no when it asks if you're an expert user. All navigation in the telnet connection (once you're logged in) is done by a few keystrokes. Enter "n" to read New messages in the current room. Enter "g" to Goto the next room with new messages. Enter "e" to Enter a message. Hit enter twice to leave the message editor. Enter a "?" at any time to get a help menu.

Extended commands can also be done, by hitting "." (period) first. Use ".?" to see a menu of extended commands.

Created by Ian Johnston. Questions? Please mail me.